Bayesian Global AI
Supercomputing Platform

The value collision of AI artificial intelligence and blockchain,Derived from the Bayesian Decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP),Empowering WEB3.0 & Metaverse Ecosystem Creation

Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform

Bayesian Decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP) Rooted in California, USA, and Based on the Republic of El Salvador

Bayesian Foundation (Bayesian Foundation Ld.) is a non-profit foundation registered in EI Salvador. Its mission is to promote Bayesian ‘s technology research and development and product deployment and to create a new open and decentralized distributed computing ecosystem. The Bayesian Foundation aims to promote the development of Bayesian blockchain protocols and serverless technical solutions, and will strongly support the expansion of the Bayesian network ecosystem.

Main sponsors

Bayesian Institute (Mountain View, CA);CIAI Southern California Institute of Artificial Intelligence; many famous experts and professors of CIAI, 100+ PhDs in computer and AI artificial intelligence, 2000+ scholars in the field of supercomputing in Southe

Technical keyword

AI supercomputing, decentralized computing network protocol, distributed AI intelligent mechanism, probability, Exchangeability, Classification Real-Time Prediction, Recommendation System, Constructing Transfer Matrix, Value Transfer Timestamp.

Application Scenario

Smart Transportation
Smart Finance
Smart City
Smart Park
Image Recognition
Smart Industry

Cooperative industries

Financial Technology
E-commerce Technology
Supply Chain
Artificial Intelligence
Network Platform